Monday, 14 February 2011

Mysterious Jelly

Found this on the way in this morning...what is it?...fungus, bird vomit, ectoplasm or unspawned frog spawn?..answers on a postcard please
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  2. Got this back from BBC Springwatch...if they don't know...gosh...who will??

    BBC Springwatch
    @agingerlass We blogged about that odd jelly substance last year Not sure if we got to the bottom of it. Heron vomit?

    It was still there today...maybe I should take a sample...

  3. It is still there almost a week many dogs walk past the spot every day and none have eaten it, so it *must* taste horrible...perhaps the bird vomit theory is a good one...

  4. This is similar to the decomposing jelly I've seen in many places in the Cairngorms, particularly on the Insh Marshes in the late winter. Over the years I have often found several patches of jelly along the embankments of the River Spey and as you note they tend to persist for some time!

    I strongly suspect this is frog spawn possibly discarded by a predator, with buzzard or perhaps Otter strong candidates, whilst tucking into a spawn-laden frog. As the season progresses you can find such jelly further developed with early stage tadpoles beginning to appear seen as small black dots.

    Just a theory at present so I'd be interested to hear if you gain more information on this.

  5. Hey thanks for that, we certainly do a have a lot of buzzards locally but no otters. It certainly does resemble frog spawn doesn't it.
    Did I take a sample? No, will keep eyes and ears peeled for more in the area.