Tuesday, 30 November 2010


We were starting to feel left out here in Hampshire. It has been snowing pretty much everywhere else in the country since the weekend. Record low temperatures for November, or at least since 1985 in Wales of -17c and deep snow cover over the North of the UK.  

Snow has been predicted but hasn't arrived although it has been jolly cold. So when the forecasts were again looking to snow for this area I took it with a pinch of salt - despite twice checking metcheck yesterday - the most reliable forecaster.

They said 3am - it will come - and it did - not much - but enough to satiate that snow longing dormant since January - not much - just a dusting - but enough for exited children - not much - but enough for footprints and very small snowballs - not much - but enough for J's hope for a day off work to be dashed - not much but enough for F to think he had spotted a fox track on Long Road:

Maybe he was right - I'm not great at identifying tracks in snow...had a look a few sites and it could be. Long Road is prime dog walking territory and there were all sorts of doggy prints criss crossing along the pavement too. What I was particularly looking for was bird tracks - but none to be seen - they were probably on the other side of the road - keeping a wide berth from dogs and perhaps foxes.

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