Tuesday, 16 November 2010


A thin finger of mist extended out into Long Road as we trundled our way home at about 4.30 yesterday - now the twilight time of day. Clear cold evening - frosty night ahead. A was given charge of the torch and stopped every few yards to examine leaves and hedgerow with it, casting the light where ever her interest and gaze fell, making for very slow progress. She then suddenly exclaimed and pointed

"Mummy a cloud has fallen down" as we looked right, into the field, there indeed was the fallen small white fluffy cloud, sitting neatly and fully formed- and extending slightly into the road ahead of us - beautiful.

F meanwhile was intently looking up into the darkening sky - he is doing Space as a project at school this term and has started taking more interest in the sky  recently. He noticed the moon was "just over half full", a gibbous moon - and very near to it in the sky a bright object.

"Star or Planet?" I asked. He thought planet, probably Venus, and I think he was probably right. - another beautiful sight.

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