Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Storms have been battering the UK, with snow, downpours of rain and winds of up to 65mph (105km/h).
Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland were worst hit, with the weather bringing disruption to many areas.
A weather warning has now been issued for parts of south-east and south-west England, with up to 70mm (2.75in) of rain expected overnight. - From the BBC website

Not the best day to find out a rainproof coat is not actually waterproof - the rain soaked through the top layer, into my cardigan and through another couple of layers - resulting in drenched grumpy stomping down Long Road. In weather like this it only possible to look down - down at the leaf litter which is increasing by the minute today and slowly turning into sludge as feet, cars and pushchairs trundle through it.

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